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The last time I wrote about porn and love was a hundred years ago. It happened when love was new. There was fire in my hands, bleeding in my heart. I was a lost and lonely soul in search of the prettiest flower. Life for me then was all about finding her, of spending all those precious moments of being with you, of dancing deep into the murmurs of melancholic clouds poisoned by the mists of wanton despair. But you don’t have to feel all these sad feelings with a porn site so expressive and solacing as Femjoy. Let me do a quick review of it for you.

For all the Femjoy discount fans, they know that love was simple then. And it will always be. For it is in the complications of life and the pathetic consolation of philosophy where love meets the inescapable. The agony is always real, deeply personal. The videos of this much passionate and elaborate site shows how a man could be if not for the sole reason that the only thing that matters in life is that moment when nothing else matters except his one true love and the moments they spend together in romance. This is where erotica meets with the real essence of love.

The is where pure nude art lies, where worlds are being destroyed and the universe expands every minute of the day, and yet, lovers and foes alike have to contend themselves with the magic of a reality that hardly a god could ever believe. The 588 videos of the Fem will shed you some profound light on the true meaning of sex when it is a manifestation of love. There are thousands of photos in the galleries that would show you how the stillness is actually moving in glory for the sake of porn art. Whether you’re a fan of HD porn and romance, this is the place for you to be. Stream all you want or download the materials for you to have a real get-go on the road.

Femjoy continues to bring glory to all of the porn industry. It houses all the most elaborate teens and the most beautiful ladies during their 20’s. And they’re all goig to get laid in the most passionate ways there are. It’s time for you to experience real porn with the Fem.


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Nothing matters to any young man out there but to be able to speak his mind. If there is nothing wrong with the world, then things would have been normal. But things are not normal. And it is for this reason that it matters to be able to speak one’s mind. Not doing so only means it is alright to be oppressed. Worst, it also means you are contributing to your own oppression. This is one of the reasons why Peter North does what he does. He doesn’t want to be oppressed, restrained or confined. And that explains his ultimate liberalism that he has been a porn star for over 20 years now. Let me do a quick review of his ever proud online abode.

Mr. North is your go-to should you need advice on how to live your life up to the most. You must be wondering why his name sounds so familiar and that is because he actually has several active sites already. This time, he has decided to put up all of his collections in one place so as to give his followers the best gift they could ever have. And you’re a candidate to its reception.

What you see in the world in which you live is not the truth but its representation. The world in its purest and truest sense has long been covered by the dust of prejudice. It is not by accident that such a thing happened. If you want to know what the untainted truth is, you need to turn your head into contents of Peter North the ultimate porn where lies 3,076 high quality porn videos ranging from POVs to ultimate MILF action, teenage action and all sorts of sex action. These vids would run from at least 25 minutes to 50 minutes each. Apart from streaming, you are capable of downloading the vids just as any member is.

Well, of course, some point to fate or the fact that your parents are unfortunate to be born with almost nothing at hand. Given these, you only have one thing at your disposal – the capacity to say no – there lies your true freedom. This is what the Peter North life wants to tell you – learn to take action and learn that through videos that speak the bold truth. Subscribe and learn the real deal!


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No love is as deep as love can be. If there was such a thing as complete love, then you wouldn’t be able to fall deeper in love as the years go by. You find someone that you love and you can see that you’re going to keep growing in love with, and you go with it. So where does the feeling go when it leaves your heart? Does it die or does it travel to the next person you will love? Or does it stay in the heart comatosed? Or maybe you could just get some job at the industry today and learn the Casting Couch’s way of interviewing its ladies. Sexy and bold and surprising and pleasant all the same.

Feelings have to be taken in exclusive terms. So to answer the question, if it leaves the heart, it is never meant to be there in the first place. It loses itself in time not necessarily among ideas unspoken or dreams unrealized. Most certainly, the departure is a necessity and it ebbs into oblivion. A part of you dies to give birth to a new one — a cycle in motion until the perfect reciprocal. It’s never the same thing, but something of the same kind; an affinity. But why dwell on thoughts that are too heavy when you can settle with something so objective yet fulfilling. With Casting, women are able to enjoy their sex lives without being committed to one guys because it will be their job eventually to fuck guys on cam. And the site shows us the beginning of all that!

Magic happens when the two have committed to each other and devoted all their time and attention to supporting and making the other person become the best person he/she must be. A good marriage is knowing that your other half is out there in the world utilizing all his/her potentials and trusting that he/she’ll be ready to share to you the learnings and experiences when he/she comes back to you at the end of the day. Casting Couch X discounts this idea for the achievement of happiness. The 287 videos will show you the inception of true happiness for women looking for money and sex. 45 minutes each per video, you’ll be satiated like the first time you’ve masturbated.

The Inner Mysteries is an experience that Seekers would eventually reach. It is where Wisdom not just Knowledge opens up and realization and acceptance sink in… This cannot and can never be explained and translated to plain words. We must investigate the social physics behind the energies that transform our families into social blackholes. But the family remains strong and even more resilient compared to before, just as private monopoly enterprise is also on the rise. This is no happy accident. With Casting Couch X, the girls will find what they are looking for. Real experience and money that will help them buy the life they have been seeking.


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There used to be a time when the imperative for social life was anchored on the collective good of society. This is the basic principle that informs most theories of the state where our private self-interested selves can find common ground with each other for the sake of the public good. But in the era of Nubiles Porn and its continuing success for large-scale resource extraction, the regulatory power of the adult industry has been pruned and strengthened in favor of us all.

The family of the adult industry plays a very important role in the context of crisis and the social vacuum this generates. Given the rule of anarchy that sensual monopoly capitalism and the mad drive for profit result in, symptoms of which include corruption, insurgency, and widespread poverty – essentially our problems as a nation, the family plays a very important role in maintaining a semblance of order and meaning. It has become the preeminent social institution carrying the other functions of society on its back. In Nubiles, you’ll see how all these young women turn to the industry for opportunities and how they get the life they always seek. Fucking guys have never been more fun for these girls with the pleasure of getting money.

The instant your parents made a mistake and conceived you is considered the greatest miracle of life….. the instant you saw your soul mate, and the instant she busted your advances on her is the greatest failure you think you ever did. Life’s instances are those that define our existence, it is on the given time that what we are comes to surface. Life is not something you can plan or something you can prepare for,life is a combination of instants and surprises, like cup noodles and instant coffee, life is what you get out of the moment. Or like the 538 videos of Nubiles which you never thought existed and will now turn your life into a living heaven. Plus, the streaming quality is beyond exceptional together making the experience better would be its photo galleries going all the way to 5,000 model stills!

Seen through these lenses, the resilient sensual family of the industry should really cause us to celebrate. The apolitical and masochist response of the family to crisis is not an indication of strength but is actually a coping mechanism to the general societal crisis that put the families in the past into a challenged state, present, and future. And there is no end in sight to this self-flagellation where a few emerge victorious but most suffer. Then again, Nubiles Porn enlightens us the very ways these struggles can be endured by the young and fresh and beautiful kin of this world.


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Isn’t it sad? To have an ill-fated love story with authenticity? Boohoo. Here’s some tissue. Wipe your ass now. Seriously. To all of my fellow men out there, please, learn to wait. Do it unconditionally. While waiting, you can be productive as you must. Or simply you could just choose to enjoy the interim. Exotic4K should be effective in creating the background motivation you’ll need to move forward. All these sexy ladies are waiting to be fucked, and it’s your job to see as they don. Review time!

The idea that a certain precept may have established the context of what should be in all things also connects to the Weiner’s Attribution Theory. This model suggests the idea of stability and controllability, which can be taken to mean that there is always the choice to make decisions or to be dictated by circumstances on how to act upon a certain situation. Exotic mirrors that assertion through the diverse cultures it offers through its contents. Whether you like Latina women, Asians, Blacks, Orients, Americans, Russians and Europeans, they are all here flocked to be fucked.

It is therefore a matter of controlling or being controlled. Should one nourish the savagery of the primordial human disposition? Should he dismiss such savagery given that the world is now reformed? Though it is not a just world, it now bears no excuses for anyone who will disobey the simplicity of its established guiding principles on how it is to be moral. So in order to prevent the denigration of porn, our Exotic4K discount does its work in the cleanest possible way depicting drama and passion and true intimacy beyond the artificial. There are currently 19 full movie scenes to attest that. These 20-minute vids do not only go for the arousal of men’s penises and libido boost, but also helps them get a better understanding of what meaningful sex is all about through substantive porn creations.

You may think the content list seems too little, but the site will start updating on a weekly basis by first week April and each video would surmount the value of all the trashy 5-minute quick sex videos you’ve seen so far. To keep yourself abreast with what Exotic4k is really all about and to have a full grasp on how good art is made, get your subscription going now!


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At the end of the day, all you need is a meaningful conversation with someone who will never forget to ask, “how was your day?” It’s the simple things like this that imbues our lives with reason beyond rationality, the ones that reconcile the pieces of ourselves broken by the chaos. The struggle might never end, but it is in its recognition that we become profoundly registered to the responsibility not only to our well-being, but as well as to the people we have let into our lives. This is how girls see it and I hope everyone else sees it this way. One thing I know for sure is that GirlsWay won’t stop trying to lay this message down.

Perhaps the awareness of the lacuna begins from understanding how nobody, not a single man, happens to be an island of his own. For girls, they know they are going to get the company they need not only limit themselves to boys for that matter. Women can always choose to be intimate with their fellow women and for every man out there, it would be hypocritical to say that women going sexy with each other is not sexy at all. Truth be told, lesbians are among the things men live for, especially for the voyeuristic type, the keen observers and whatnot. Girls Way is laying down all of the best lesbian videos going by the essence of what it really is to show affection to another soul in the manifest of sex driven by love.

Itching to know if there’s something waiting on the other end is just as good as rushing. It does nothing but defeat what the whole purpose should be, which perhaps never came to be. Waiting can be a sacrifice and patience is a virtue. Go on and be as hasty as a bomb to know and you will never come to realize the thing made to chase is not elusive. It’s in a universe where you don’t exist. Just come to look at the 180 plus scenes they have prepared for you at the GW site. It should enlighten you that women in their absence are simply prepping themselves up with their fellow women. For now, these videos and the photo galleries they come together should help in keeping your satisfaction at its high.

GirlsWay with its 30-minute videos are potent enough to ignite the fire inside every man’s heart and penis. Get in acquaintance to this lesbian cored porno resource and learn to love truer than before.


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ATK Petites, bubbling sizzling tasty material from babes in all their small sizes, sizes that satisfy members nonetheless! Some call them elfin, miniature gals, delicate babes, and you will not find any gal who doesn’t fit the category of diminutive gals. So forget all about the bulky women you saw yesterday inside that cutter low-class pornsite you visited. The only things that you will find in common are the big cocks that devastate these sexual little vixens. The material they have is mixed exclusive and non-exclusive scenes. However, all the material is connected by some sort of hidden web that the site uses to make sure that the quality remains mostly the same. Therefore, your two eyeballs will see lots of beautiful “five foot four inches” gals inside the tour page.

The words that will etch itself inside your head when you look inside the member’s area are harmony and goodness. Harmony because everything seems to be placed where it should be. The recent updates that the site has managed to produce are given there on the homepage. The schedule is frequent, mostly various new episodes inside every week. They really do try to give as much as possible information when it comes to the models. Every gal you look at you will be able to get a bit more closer, a bit more hornier, until the very last one breaks you and you spill!

The respectable resolution quality that you are given for the pimped image galleries shows that they have high res and quality images. Also, number two, you get to have zip files for easy downloading of all you view inside the galleries. It can be interesting to see the surprised expression that members give when they learn they are getting over six thousand two hundred and fifty seven videos. Then eyebrows are extended even higher when you get over 21,900 images and over 1374 petite models.

Some even get scared, wondering how far they can go looking at gals in hardcore sex scenes, sucking cocks, and masturbation plus petite gals in lesbian sex episodes. But you do not have to worry because this site is gentle, and hard, and will take care of all your insane needs professionally. Dear new members, you are receiving formats like mpg, wmv, mp4, zip files, and reliable downloading speeds and servers that do not crush when you are just about to stream videos. Variety of the quality goes from excepted mid res older material to the shocking 1080p videos that just scream, “Come get me”.

If you want all sort of young amateur porn, with all the diversity of petite gals that you can get, with filming quality leading to HD quality movies, you need to situate yourself near the site called ATK Petites. They have come a long way to just make sure your fetish petite appetite for teeny babes is met with hardcore preciseness. Its here you need to be, trust us!


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There are certain things that make up gonzo filming type of material. First, there’s no pesky storyline-crap that sucks up time you could have spent looking at hardcore sex. Second, there has been improvement with POV kind of filming, and now there is a site that cleanly dedicated to this kind of filming and material. They started a while back making material and now they are truly talented with hundreds of movies inside the network called Perfect Gonzo. Imagery is included inside and so are hot beautiful gals. The network in its entirety contains some ten sites including famed ones like Ass Traffic, and other soon to be monster sites as well.

Every time you wake up and click into this particular site, you are given exclusive material from this network. You will not find the forged-looking-women from other pornsites that you have become disillusioned with. You will also see that they aren’t lax when it comes to the number of niches that they can offer. You get to have fetishes, internal aggressive sexual play, anal, fist in pussies, and other holes. The ton of material that they can provide is around one thousand seven hundred and forty five movies.

What we watched happen inside this network is unwrapping of HD 1080p videos that show ladies with talent you will hardly believe! Included in the formats you get from the scenes are flv and mp4 file formats. You had better believe that they have good site navigation features because they do. When you tune in and watch what you want to watch, you also get browsing elements, model index, search engine, sites, tools, and main network features and menus. The images burn your eyeballs because they are high res color-filled samples that look smart and incredible. Full downloading of the videos and the clip flash ones you are given are all professionally done. You might just become pasty from lack of sunlight since you will not be going out anytime soon!

But, not to sound like propaganda or mere hyperbole when talking about this site, we have to look at some irksome things inside. We cannot ignore some of the things that disturb, let’s see! It is not unusual when a network is this massive to have mid resolution material in their archives. So even if you do get much more HD material than the other formats, you will find lower res action inside. Some sites need to be shamed by mentioning that they haven’t updated for a truly long time. For the models, you will find a picture, stats, and ratings. There isn’t much more information there. You also only get mp4 formats.

Obviously, nothing will ever be 100 percent satisfactory to all people at the same damn time. Nevertheless, as far as a network with gonzo themed material like this one goes, Perfect Gonzo, somebody has to pat them on the back. Really top-level stuff from a serious paysite network that you need to check out, deadly stuff son, give them chance!


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Don’t you think it is kind of sad? I mean, how you spent your years as a child trying to satisfy your curiosity because of the horny things that you have seen on cable TV without the provision of your parents? To give you some solace, at least you were not aware back then, which means you can’t really blame yourself before. Anyway, I just want you to know that if you are still stuck on that broken wheel, now is the time you get the right fix. Thanks to Mr Skin, which I’ll be doing a quick review of now, we are all able to watch the sex scenes of all the movies in Hollywood.

You know, with the high popularity held by this site, it is quite impossible that you have not come across it yet. As a matter of fact, they even get to feature this on different kinky TV channels. Mr. Skin has actually been in service since the early 90’s and it has been extracting the porno scenes of all the movies, literally all of them, all the way from the 80’s or maybe even from the 70’s. So if you’re thinking about 50 Shades and how it has been censored in your cinemas, that the vagina and penis are clouded with some darkness, just wait for a couple moments before this guy here does the favor of laying it out for you.

Doing a lot of research is quite a virtue, especially when you focus on one topic and get to dissect the several different divisions of it. That is what the Skin does for you. That is why today there are more than 50,000 videos for you to check and they are all scenes from all the movies that has sexy, hanky-panky, kinky parts in them. You don’t really have to download the movie or stream the whole thing online just to scour for its sweet bits. This guy has it all for you and what’s even better is that he has started remastering all of them into HD mode.

This is full pleasure at hand with Mr Skin. Its fame tends to be relentless and its glory will forever be in the heart of the adult industry. Learn more about it and rediscover all of its niceties through a subscription.


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Do you know what it is that really motivates people? That would be none other than the very thing we call money. There is nothing really bad about it because for one thing, societies now are pre-established by trade, commerce and, generally, economics. So yeah, the more you pay, the more you get because it means more money for someone is more fuel for their passion to do the work. That’s why when you look into the contents of Sapphic Erotica, you will feel the very presence of its profundity.

There are only two kinds of people in the world: Those who seek to follow through their dreams and those who let the fear take every inch of possibilities away from them. Sapphic E’s creator, who happens to be one of the most eccentric yet the best lesbians I’ve come across, definitely falls under the former. She is quite the visionary by being able to contrive this utterly titillating porn site that has since been loved by a wide range of viewership. Now that it has come so far a way, it exhibits the most exhilarating lesbian videos that you could ever witness throughout your days. So if you have a fetish for the niche, this is nowhere less than the deal for you.

Baily the lesbian genius behind this porn resource brimming with awesomeness does believe in our assertion; that money works its way around people. So for someone who has established herself altogether with her finances, she began the project without even inhibiting herself to fund it all up. From then, there are now myriads of eye candy treats for both the boys and girls who have the fetish for the lesbian approach in porno. Today, there are over 1,500 videos inside the database with the videos being a good 30 minute material each. Every piece will have the certain essentials of having sex with a girl, as a girl — that would include dildos, Sybian vibrators, chains and all the crazy lesbian material you could think of. That is enough said and the rest is left for you to discover.

Sapphic Erotica has garnered a total rate of 9.6 over 10 from its subscribers and expert analysts, making it one of the highly favored lesbian site of today. Get your pass now and subscribe for awesome features and bonuses.


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Hegre Art comes from the ever-creative Petter Hegre. Those who do not know this photographer need not worry about his credentials; it’s long and solid as a mountain! He has always found a way to make the erotic photographs that he makes become so high quality and full of intensity and color. When he has the camera lens, there seems to be no limit to the amount of sensuality that he can produce. The treats inside his official site are also very good and they are the reason why we are all gathered here today! First of all, the kind of gals that this site spreads across its galleries are normally young gals, sexual, beautiful, between 18 to 25 years of age.

This site relies heavily on producing high quality pictorials that you can enjoy. That is the reason why they have 165, 309 images inside the galleries. They have films as well some 381 movies. The number of models they have worked with is 191 models. You will be able to download all the images you crave when you use the zip file that they give you. Their pictures are just ridiculous quality. Where else can you find images with 8000 pixel resolution clarity huh? They give you wmv/QuickTime/iPod/divx/flv formats for the videos. The videos aren’t as many as the pictures, but you do get to have HD quality. As the weeks pass, the content count inside this site is going to rise for the videos, and every day they add more images so you are always going to have more!

There are lots of things you will forget to do once you become a member to this site. That is because all your free time will be spent inside this site. Your mind will constantly wander and you will always want to come back and have just a little more. That is how addictive and high quality the material inside is. The range of material that they have collected is also improving day by day. The kind of material they have always produced is high erotica action. They do have gal-gal stuff inside, plus some massage action, some slight orgasm, and solo play. The locations that are in the backdrop of the images are always complementary, helping to bring the erotic beauty of the gals out in crystal clear images. Petter does his job like a pro, you don’t have to worry about that!

Having been involved in this line of work for close to a decade now, Petter has been able to design his site and make it as modern and stylish as possible. The technical information for the images and the videos is frequently supplied. You have viewing/ downloading options. The organization of the babes and content inside is professionally handled. You get to have complete site that you can navigate with relative ease.

Do you simply want regular Softcore action, or maybe it’s time to change up things? Maybe it’s time to check out Hegre Art! It time to give Petter control and let him amaze your eyes with the incendiary kind of erotica that he produces.


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Karups PC has some exclusive material and some not so exclusive material also. The site has amateur action and hardcore genres. They have the experience that comes with being active in the industry for more than 13 years. They also have the respect and appreciation of many hardcore porn critics and fans. The mixture that flows from this site is the kind that delivers milfs, matures, pros, and amateur teens to your doorstep. They also like doing a mixture of ethnicity when it comes to the babes. Softcore and hardcore are not things that they are not able to provide because it is what they do all day, every day! There is more, we have more to talk about so please do join us on this expedition of discovery!

This site is impressive when you look at how many movies, models, and pictures they have managed to gather inside. They have over 4600 videos that are a rather small comparison to the 13,700+ image that they have inside. The models number well above the 1900 mark. This is the kind of material that will take you days and days to watch and you will still have more every week because they update regularly during the week. Last time we saw they had 6 new additions during that past week. They have wmv and mp4 file formats both in HD quality resolutions. You get the flash stream format. Then they have iPod file format for mobile device users. Pictures in high res, movies in HD, just what porn lovers want really!

Look at it this way, instead of visiting 100 smaller, lesser quality sites, why not join this one and have hundreds of pics/movies shot in really superb filming quality? It makes perfect sense! The content inside does have a lot of beautiful gals having solo fun times. They masturbate for the camera, and for you, but that is not the beginning and end of this great site! They got Asian, Latina, ebony, European gals inside, with different body characteristics, which helps keep things interesting. Apart from solo, you will have lesbian action, anal, hardcore, orgies, and threesomes. There are blowjobs, cumshots, close-ups, toy play, and other niches being filmed inside. To complete the deal that they are offering you, they have video feeds, cams, which are considered to be bonus material you can enjoy. The site is just so big on its own they don’t need much eternal assistance from other sites to be able to provide you with high amount of porn material.

If you are the kind of member who likes simple things, you will like the simple navigational setup they have inside. You get information on which videos have been added recently. You will find easy categories to use so that you locate the material you want. The access you have is unlimited. There are light descriptions that come with the content. The models have their pages where you can find the material they appeared in. As far as quality is concerned, they have done their best. The content count is very high, always increasing. Joining the site Karups PC is just really a very wise move on your part, do it now!


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MPL Studios is for the buffs who like to have porn material that revolves around beautiful models, and erotic action. The high-class babes inside are taking part in lots of fantastic photography action. Many of the babes come from Russia and the European states, but they make sure that they give you a taste of beauty and glamour that you will not so quickly forget. This site is art and porn and that creates the glamour material that they offer members.

Now as a new member, you are excited and that excitement increases when you discover that there are over 100,000 images inside their galleries. They have more pictures than movies and their collection of 190+ videos is not so bad. The high res quality that you get from the images is some of the best with many galleries having sets that reach 3000 pixel quality. Videos are not shabby either since they have 720p HD material. It could be better but you will hear little complaints from us, they have different file formats available. What is their updating schedule? Weekly updates!

You know one thought that occurred to us was that in Russia there must be an overabundance of hot ladies. This is because there are so many displayed on this site that it’s impossible to draw any other conclusions. The site looks great since the presentation is another aspect that they seem to have invested in. They are restrained in the way that they add on the artistic stuff inside their site. They always like doing the natural thing, that means, the gals are naturally beautiful placed in naturally beautiful surrounding and everything comes out really authentic. The models also take part in multiple scenes so you get to see their different talents at seduction and different erotica scenes. The site gives you lots of information on the gals.

You know some sites rely on shocking the viewers with their wild porn rather than seducing and exciting them. This site is not one of those shock and awe sites! They take things smoothly, with models touching all your erotic zones with high quality erotica passions. Since they have models who are incredible, the design of the site has been created to reflect this fact. It is original with striking nice vivid colors. There is information everywhere you peep inside this site. They have all the other aspects covered namely, sorting features, browsing options, and easy to navigate user interface.

The erotica material that you get from MPL Studios is so incredibly top grade that you will be faced with only one option, to stay inside this site forever! But seriously, what they have accomplished is magnificent and remarkable. You have to check out this site if erotica art is something that you enjoy and would like to see all the time.


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ATK Premium is the site that will bring you one-step closer to having truly incredible relations with some of the finest babes you will ever come across. The adult models inside are incredibly sexy and the site wants you to have them all and have fun with them. Apart from finding out more about the babes and all that they bring to the table, you will be in a position to catch all the movies and pictures that these super fine models have made for the site.

With more than 7782 pictures available, and well over 3485 videos as well, you will be happy to know that you will have enough material inside this site to truly keep busy. The site has been doing porn for ages and they have worked with more than 647 models as you can see inside their site. When you want to stream the videos, you will have mov, wmv, mp4 formats that you can rely on. Older material inside may be 480p or lower resolution but the best additions of videos that they have is 1080p HD quality. The pictures that they have are separated into various categories, makes looking for what you want simpler and faster. High res imagery that has 3000 pixel resolution quality is what you receive. Every week there are as many as six additions being made as updates, so constant fresh galleries are guaranteed.

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Dancing Bear promotes the kind of bashes/parties we like seeing, the pornographic kind that is! The wild nights that happen and the fun parties are all filmed for your enjoyment. In your wildest dreams, you probably would not have thought that parties could become so loud so fast and so sexy! The site promises to give you all the pics/movies that they have. But you may be wondering, how possibly could a bear that is dancing be xxx action and hardcore? Well, we are here to tell you everything about these guys!

You will discover from the tour page that the dudes inside the bear costumes have been supplying entertainment for a long time. They go to different parties and show the ladies a very good time. The studs are rather blessed (anatomically) and they feel no shame letting the ladies touch, suck, stare, and get blasted with creamy goo from their shlongs during the wild parties. The ladies for the most part stay clothed, while the dude takes everything off as they dance and snare the women into a sexual trance. Is there more to this site? Let’s find out together!

They have some 103 episodes inside. These are hour-long affairs with the catch being that you can only stream the content. Every month they do a couple of updates, which is not the fastest way of bulking up the galleries. They also have 103+ picture galleries, with 300 pics per set. The niche that this site produces shows that there is not much difference between a group of horny females and a group of horny males. People just go nuts when a stripper is shaking and making them get aroused. In most scenes, you will see more than a handful of babes, drinking, then screaming, then sucking, and sometimes humping/fucking the male stripper. Its amateur action that is delightfully directed and made, for sure.

There are episodes inside that have been broken to clip versions. The flash player used for showing the movies is versatile and buffering is fast therefore you will not have to wait for anything. The high production technique that they use in making their movies also serves them well. There are a few things that they can do to make everything even more worthwhile. First, they need to update more. The no-downloading-policy that they have for videos also sucks since many members want to download these videos. There are Ads from other sites with teaser material here and there, but no real huge bonus gallery of material is included with your membership.

What’s our take on Dancing Bear? The site will interest you because it does have some great CFNM party action inside. The goodness of the site lies in its material but they haven’t added a ton of that as yet. There are areas they should look at to make the site more appealing. This is however a site worth looking into for those who like this kind of CFNM-sex-party-niche-porn, so check them out!