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When people go to college, it’s natural that they will feel homesick. But once that passes quickly, another urge kicks in and that is the sexual urges of young sexual coeds and studs. This urge is strong and it has lead to the birth of a site called Dare Dorm. How are these two things related? Well, the coeds can explore their sexual urges, submit the material to the site, get a chance to win cash, and have their shot at infamy! You get to join this site and watch all the coeds and amateur babes do all sorts of lurid lewd sexual acts. We really don’t have to tell you how hot college sex is do we? So let’s get to reviewing this site!

Here are some of the things you will find inside. You will see college students submitting their sexual escapades. You will see raunchy coed sex. You will see young hot bodies, firm tits, first time fucking and sucking, things that will get you aroused. You will soon realize that this goldmine of college niche sex is something that is highly addictive, fun, full of possibility! Now once you reach this determination you will get your membership and jump to the member’s area. Here, you will find amateur style filming that keeps in line with the user submitted theme that the site uses. They have some 116 episodes inside and this is only because they are still growing and adding more material to their site.

You will see formats and different qualities when you enter the video area inside the site. Another thing you should know is that this reality amateur coed sex site is on a streaming only basis (sucks!) The good thing is that the material inside still has sparks and lights up the hot desires you have of college sex weekends and cum and fun! You see the college students don’t have to deal with mortgages, bills, and other pesky grown-up problems. They are able to step away from the books and plunge full into mad sexual exploration.

The playful laughter and young hearts of the amateur teens and coeds inside this site is what gives the material incredible power of entertaining coed-sex-fans. You will see lots of exhibitionism, fun sex games, parties, flashes, dares, sex, and all manner of sexual tomfoolery. The footage inside this site has variety that can please various people. The ten thousand dollars reward promised is incentive enough to make every coed and student go sexually nuts trying to outdo the other. You will feel light and young again as you with the beautiful young gals discover their hidden powers of making men cum, moan, beg, and grunt for just a little taste of their incredible honey pots!

There is a chat function inside, HD material, forum, and third party feeds. There are some basic bonus action material inside but don’t expect a lot. There are links to sister sites but you have to pay a bit more to access these extras. If they could improve on some things, then Dare Dorm would be wild and perfect, but you can still check them out. Not bad!


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When discussions are being had and awards being handed out, Playboy definitely gets a piece of the action! We are very euphoric to inform you that the site called Playboy Plus is one of their official hub-spot where you can catch the best of their material. The tour page says it all, that you will have Playboy material refined to the best quality that this company is known for. You will see the deep rich history that this company has built over the years and marvel at the publication, centerfolds, and babes that they have inside. The celebs are also present and there are some 10000 archives of episodes inside just waiting for your attention.

The site has fast connection speeds, and of course, you will find that they have HD material inside there. This huge site takes your breath away and melts your desire, mixes the desire with their delicate erotic fingers, feeds you back that soup and helps you reach new heights of wonder and pleasure. Honestly, this is what Playboy has always done. Its why this company has a reputation so big, so strong, that it simply cannot be shaken!

The correct count of material inside Playboy Plus is over 3300+ models, 4300+ scenes, and 5300+ picture galleries. Every day is a marvelous day inside this site because every day comes with new additions. You will have Celebrities, Playmates, Coeds, Amateurs, Special Edition, Cybergirls, and International sections inside filled with material. It’s amazing how these guys have been able to work with so many famous stars over the years. You get them all. And since this company has been doing this for so long, many think that they may have lost a step here and there but you would be wrong assuming this! The picture-men and producers that Playboy uses are still the best in the game. They also still attract the most curvaceous, beautiful, sensual women on the planet to make material for them. Their “force” is strong and you will not feel like they are waning in any way shape or form!

The additions that the site makes have date stamps. The quality of the sharp, Colorful, professional images is high res and splendid. The videos have been improving as HD technology has been released into the market. Everything they add nowadays is HD. You will have streaming functions. Playboy expertly manages this site so that things like navigation and design are smooth, classy, functional. There are many sections and bonus action inside is also provided including reviews, articles, behind scene material.

For a small membership fee, you can have Playboy Plus. You can have years of quality erotica from the top tier company that revolutionized the entire porn industry. For this small fee, you really can have your own piece of heaven. This site sells itself and we recommend that you check them out!


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Reality Kings combines some 35 something sites together, gives them the best produced reality hardcore themes and productions, sets them free and watches as hundreds and thousands of porn fans come running, crawling, creaming, moaning and laughing, begging for a membership! In other words, this network has been pulling massive crowds since they came out, even now, as they bring more reality goodness of hardcore passions and pornstars! Wow! We love this network!

As the years passed like the sands through the hourglass, so has the network aged and perfected their brand of pornography! They have updated and upgraded some features, added new niche sites, more exclusive material, and now, they are truly royalty in the adult entertainment industry! Is there a theme, a hardcore genre that these “royalties of porn” will not touch? Such a silly question, because these guys do it all, in style! They have hardcore niches, anal, cocks, boobs, milfs, teens, fantasy, reality, themed, sex and more sex with so many stars and models and amateurs, it’s going to make your balls spin! They balance all their action to make sure that it’s appealing, fun, entertaining, hardcore, and very well produced!

The numbers just in say that this network now has collected more than 8200 scenes and just about the same number of pics galleries. They have impressively grown and made sure that members have more material than they could ever finish if they started watching continuously for a whole month! The impressiveness of the amount of material that they have is only thwarted by the impressiveness of the kind of quality that you will see inside. This means they have hundreds of HD and high res movies and pics respectively. That means, the scenes can range 720p or 1080p HD resolutions. That means the pics are gorgeous, adding more desire, color, and life into the network, making you reach that climax you crave more easily, more frequently!

All the above advantages are nothing if you cannot move around the network freely right? That is why there is a great navigational layout. This enables browsing, searching, and finding of models, series, niches, and sites. You get to have tools that do all the heavy work for you so that all you have to do is click and play and cum! You will see various video options inside. You can stream and download. Older material falls a bit in quality, understandable really! You have zip files, daily updates, and the ever-creative productions keeping you horny all the time inside this network.

Reality Kings is a big boss in the porn industry! The reputation they have is backed by the material they offer. We can say no more, only that if you want some of the best HQ reality hardcore porn, this be the network you need to see!


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What can we say about Bangbros Network that you don’t already know? Do we tell you that they have a massive collection of porn, or that they are leaders of the reality hardcore porn production niche, or that they are getting better with time? What can we say? Well, we can tell you that we have been adherent fans for many years and that is because of the quality of the material that they produce. One of the earlier sites that spearheaded the reality hardcore porn niche was a creation of these guys called BangBus, you remember them right? Let’s look at the style that this network uses in producing its stuff and other goodies you get as a member!

Membership here means you have exclusive material from all the sites inside this network. That means a lot of genres that you will be gladly watching once you are inside like anal, interracial, big dick, big tits, coeds, milfs, Latina, teens, anal, bj, pornstars, reality, public, and so on! This database of slutty, hardcore action is all yours and you will have crazy fun discovering all that they have. You get a lot of sites inside the network; all the sites bring hundreds of episodes that have hundreds of pics and movies. When everything is collected and accounted for, you will be facing libraries of pics and movies that have thousands of episodes. This network has been producing for more than ten years so expect a lot to look at!

One of the cooler things about this network is how fast they were to adopt HD technology. It’s said that since 2009, Bangbros has only added HD movies, high res images, inside their galleries. That right there is several years’ worth of HD material for one membership pass! You will have downloading and streaming features, with different file formats. When you use the flash player, you will have various options and features. The network has good downloading speeds so big files can be steadily download. You know what’s crazy; these guys have never stopped updating their galleries. We have seen sites come up fast and furious then stop updating after a few months. These guys have daily updates, date stamped scenes, and they do multiple updates everyday! Just phenomenal stuff!

You will move around with great ease inside this network. Why? They offer navigational tools, niches, sites, categories, links, menus, and all other tools to ensure customer satisfaction with the navigational setup. Things inside (from the model index to the niches and sites) are all integrated and interlinked, making searching very versatile and fast.

Having a Bangbros Network pass membership is like striking oil in the dry desert, you will be covered constantly with HQ porn productions and the best hardcore smut sex you have ever seen! It is a wise decision, one that will bring you high yielding ROI (return on investment). Check them out!


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Who doesn’t like babes and when they are naked it becomes something worth checking out. There are a lot of porn sites that feature gorgeous babes and what they do is just make porn nothing else. If you search online you can easily find a lot of free porn sites so while you can get it free why pay then. It’s because there are some people who just need a dick inside a pussy and that’s enough to make them cum in their pants. If you think you are the same then free sites are best for you but if you think you need quality, class and beauty then you may have to spend some money. Where to spend it then?

As you have decided to spend some money to meet your quality porn demand then I will suggest X Art website. It mainly focuses on soft core action but you can also get hardcore banging and all it includes. They have a variety of performers from Bolivia to Czech Republic or Greece to Brazil so you can enjoy the sensuality of babes from those areas. The site includes both videos and pictures in different sections.

Earlier this site was focused on photos but now they are concentrated on videos. As a result members can enjoy videos of sizzling babes pleasing each other or getting fucked. You will find almost 420 videos here right now. Each one of them can be played for 15 minutes. The movies here are exclusive and have very high production values. The girls are fresh and amateur but they know how to look sexy and kiss deeply. All the videos can be downloaded in MP4, QuickTime and HD Windows Media format.

This site was first focused on photos so if you are a photo freak then this site will suit you best. You can check out 566 photo galleries available in zip files. Each file contains 30 set of pictures featuring 200 gorgeous models. You can find each of them in at least one zip set. Most of the models have artistic face and the camera guy has taken the photographs from different positions.

Like all other sites this site includes no bonus site with its membership and hey there’s no search engine either. You can’t save your favorites but you will get 15 to 17 updates each month. Like its name X Art supplies artistic contents so signing up here is certainly worthwhile.


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It’s an honor that I’m writing review about my personal favorite porn network. Yes it bills itself as world’s best porn site and I admit it. After signing in you will find it same like your regular porn sites but when you dive more deep and check out some contents then you know what you have got. I’m not exaggerating that much because you can ask any porn lover about their contents. I can assure that you will get very positive results because currently they are on the top of this business.

Every member of Brazzers Network has access to go through the contents from 30 sites of this network. 30 hot porn sites at the price of one is a great deal at the first glance. Well, only a few of those sites such as Doctor Adventures, Big Wet Butts, Jizz On My Jugs, Butts and Blacks, MILFs Like It Big, Big tits at school or Real Wife Stories are enough to turn you on. If you check out the contents you can find out that both the performers and everyone from Brazzers production team did a great job. It’s because if we forget about the models for a while you will get a very nice place under the open sky or a luxurious apartment etc so there’s always a nice environment which is not present in contents from other production houses.

All the sites you get have their own specialty and you can simply get them all in the “sites & niches” tab. There are some other ways too to search the contents. Just check out the highest-rated scenes or use keyword tags. There is a model index which has all the hottest models. Here you will get information about them and even some links to the contents they have performed.

The Brazzers network contains 5737 movies and all of them are available in multiple formats. You can either stream them in the embedded player or directly download in Windows Media or MP4 format. Most of the videos are available in one HD format at least. Both videos and pictures have their different sections. In the picture section you can find 5625 photo galleries available in Zip sets. Each set contains 200 pictures to be downloaded easily. As there’s a lot of sites in the network you will always have an update to check out. So, you want to go with world’s best porn site?


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This is a porn center where you can go looking for all the popular pornstars that you may have heard about. If a pornstar is gorgeous and elegant enough, you can get her pictures as well as videos in this site.

Basically, Elegant Angel specializes in pure hardcore involving girls from a wide variety of backgrounds. You will get a taste of Ebony, Asian, Latinas as well as white babes. Their age varies greatly but all of them are the real winners in the industry. Don’t shy away if you love mature women because you will get the average aged ladies as well as the older Milfs.

Definitely, with a comprehensive hardcore site like this one, you can expect everything that can make a cock rise including sucking, female ejaculation, lesbian, strapons sex and many of the other conventional categories. However, you will get some nasty subjects like gang bangs which are exciting and interesting to watch.

There are more than 2,480 videos in their warehouse. They are also giving you 148 photo galleries to go with the videos. I would not expect to hear any complains concerning the quality since this site is one of the best companies in terms of quality. HD quality videos have been the norm in the site for quite sometime now. I can describe the photos as elegant for lack of a better word. You will probably come up with a better one when you download them in zip files and start watching them from your screen.

Unless you are nuts, I don’t see how updates will be a major concern with 2,480 videos waiting for you. Anyhow, you are likely to get at least 6 updates before your month ends. Elegant Angel is not one of the sites that anybody would need to say much about since the site speaks for itself with the huge and super quality movies. I think you would be doing yourself a great favor if you would take a look inside the members’ area.


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Have you ever seen a hot school age girl in sexy attire and scratched your head wishing you could have an opportunity even to slip your cock between her tender thighs. If you have never spotted such a girl in your state, then I invite you to my state but I have to warn you that you must be careful on the roads otherwise you might be run down by a vehicle while you stare at such a girl. Anyway, most of us have fantasized with a young sexy chick at one time or another.

Team Skeet has done it for you. They are bringing you 18 to 19 years old chicks in their collection of 19 sites covering different subjects. The teens are not there to be seen but to be fucked harder than any of their boyfriends would ever do. Talking about fucking, it could be anal or otherwise but hardcore is their major. Obviously, you can expect the action to be nasty with the guys having nothing else to use on these horny teens but their huge cocks. These guys seem not to be scared by the screams of these cuties because the louder they scream, the harder they get banged.

How much of this do you get? That might be the question you are asking right now. Unless you are careful, you are likely to take more that your doctor prescribed since they have more than 1,597 fascinating Full-HD videos that you can download without any restriction. You might just forget to sleep looking at their sexy photos that are packed in zip files that have been drawn from their 1,571 photo sets. Having given you an idea on the kind of girls that you will meet and the kind of action to expect, it is up to you to discover the finer details from each niche as covered by their individual sites such as Innocent High, Titty Attack, This Girl Sucks, Rub A Teen, Her Freshman Years and 14 other exciting sites. You will be in for a pleasant surprise when you get a brand new site coming your way every month.

I don’t expect you to get lost in Team Skeet as you try to discover what they have in the warehouse. However, even if you did, you would eventually discover the right paths to follow such as the model index, tags, the advanced search tool and many other clear paths. Whereas the site may not be perfect if evaluated strictly using all the necessary parameters, I have to give the dog his due by recommending the site to all the secret admirers of hardcore action with innocent teens.


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We live by the philosophy of living life by the moment. Or so this should be the most ideal thought we need to entrench not only in mind, but as well in heart. But, it’s always hard to live by an ideal philosophy because as human beings, we end up going by the ideal only in our thoughts rather than in the actual manifestation. But, we give thanks to the photographers of the world who continue to remind us how every moment counts. And as far as pornography goes, there’s no better way of presenting it than through the excellence of Viv Thomas.

Who is Viv Thomas?

Thomas is a renowned photographer, particularly in the art of nudity. He goes by the saying that there is a grander beauty in the boldness of the human being — there is no better way to show it than through the physical actuation. Viv now is one of the greatest porn sites that you’ll come upon in your modern virtual nude entertainment. It has received several awards from the years of AVN that had come and as everyone would expect, it will continue receiving accolades for its excellence. Viv, by the way, is a guy and in one of his contributions, he is the actor fucking Kelly Divine. Amazingly enough, he was the one who set up the whole thing, but everything was captured to perfection. That tells a lot about the site — its pure grandiosity.

Viv Thomas has over 1,280 high definition videos and it updates its video database with 3 to 5 new contents every month, you will have a growing database of porn material reserves. There are over 1,500 picture sets, which you can easily check out through the user friendly interface and its obviously right from the home screen. As far as specializations go, Thomas has the real value for your $8.33 a month.


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I have been fairly jaded with all the stuff that’s been going on lately. It seems like I couldn’t have even a meager chunk of time just to wind up. So, I simply thought one time, hey, there’s always one thing I can do just about anytime — fap. Since it’s a given that it always take a wild imagination to get the most out of fapping, I simply went to the bathroom of our office and turned on my phone’s Wi-Fi. Then, I watched a video through XNXX.com where I discovered that it was actually from Mofos Network, where I am now able to get all the freshest porn opuses out there.

If you think the foreign fighters are a large collection of snaking bandits in Iraq and Syria, well, think again. Nothing will ever beat the reserves of Mofos.com that goes all the way to the several thousand figures. Mofos is one of the biggest porn networks of today, exhibiting over 12 sites in one port. It goes for the ultimate voyeuristic approach of pornography with the kind of content it shows through its collection of nude articles. The team behind the scenes has been in the industry for several years now and they are known for their fervor in creating the most impacting nude content over the web.

As mentioned, there are 12 porn sites you can gain full access with through Mofos. They are as follows:

  • Real Slut Party
  • Pervs on Patrol
  • I Know That Girl
  • MofosWorldwide
  • She’s a Freak
  • Latina Sex Tapes
  • Can She Take It
  • MILF Likes It Back
  • In Gang We Bang
  • Public Pickups

Apart from these 12 awesome gig porn sites, you get more from the originating port itself. With over 1585 updates that have been inserted into the site so far, your afternoons and evenings of leisure will be much more fun than ever. They are also planning to put up more sites in the future, but as for now, that’s the best value your $7.49 a month gets.