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College Rules proves a theory we already knew was true from a long time ago…that coed kids will do absolutely anything for money! And we are not talking about a few hundred bucks here either, how about 10,000 dollars hard cash! There are some grown men and women who would really go nuts for that kind of cash. Anyway, this site is coed all through and shows you what these students will do for a shot at winning the money. The mood of completion inside makes the students really try to impress with everything that they do. Let’s look at what they have!

The site deploys a simple layout. You get to have big screenshots, and the updates that they do have are shown on the homepage. If you want to see the pictures, you click on a link that takes you there, and then you are given previews to look at. The same applies for the videos. You will find that they have interlinked videos so that you get related suggestion just below the current video you are viewing. Definitely makes work easier. You can quickly go through what they have without deploying the search tools, which is great. After you watch 3 previews, you have to register in order to continue, and most likely, you will want to register.

The simple member’s area is great! The site provides you with links to not only watch the action but to also find more viewing options that suit your needs. The College Rules clips are normally 30 minutes or less. You can stream them easily. They offer HD options including 480p to 720p. You will be able to see the collection of pictures attached to the movie, or stream it. They have no download option, sad, but if you don’t mind watching porn online, this shouldn’t deter your efforts. Many people will want to store the material they see so as to have latter “rub sessions”, but this is not possible.

The coed sex that happens inside is a combination of fun, adventures, sexy bodies, hard penetrations, stripping, nudity, debauched lust, which will leave you very satisfied. You will see the coed kids fucking each other, threesomes, gal-gal action, and lots of cumshots to go around. The filming is great and the caliber is not disappointing at all.

College Rules passes the litmus test of a serious site with inspiring porn material. They have coeds and hardcore porn. The galleries are growing every time they add more material. No downloading but you will probably be too aroused and hard to even start thinking about all the things you aren’t getting. We like them, you will like them!