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Dancing Bear promotes the kind of bashes/parties we like seeing, the pornographic kind that is! The wild nights that happen and the fun parties are all filmed for your enjoyment. In your wildest dreams, you probably would not have thought that parties could become so loud so fast and so sexy! The site promises to give you all the pics/movies that they have. But you may be wondering, how possibly could a bear that is dancing be xxx action and hardcore? Well, we are here to tell you everything about these guys!

You will discover from the tour page that the dudes inside the bear costumes have been supplying entertainment for a long time. They go to different parties and show the ladies a very good time. The studs are rather blessed (anatomically) and they feel no shame letting the ladies touch, suck, stare, and get blasted with creamy goo from their shlongs during the wild parties. The ladies for the most part stay clothed, while the dude takes everything off as they dance and snare the women into a sexual trance. Is there more to this site? Let’s find out together!

They have some 103 episodes inside. These are hour-long affairs with the catch being that you can only stream the content. Every month they do a couple of updates, which is not the fastest way of bulking up the galleries. They also have 103+ picture galleries, with 300 pics per set. The niche that this site produces shows that there is not much difference between a group of horny females and a group of horny males. People just go nuts when a stripper is shaking and making them get aroused. In most scenes, you will see more than a handful of babes, drinking, then screaming, then sucking, and sometimes humping/fucking the male stripper. Its amateur action that is delightfully directed and made, for sure.

There are episodes inside that have been broken to clip versions. The flash player used for showing the movies is versatile and buffering is fast therefore you will not have to wait for anything. The high production technique that they use in making their movies also serves them well. There are a few things that they can do to make everything even more worthwhile. First, they need to update more. The no-downloading-policy that they have for videos also sucks since many members want to download these videos. There are Ads from other sites with teaser material here and there, but no real huge bonus gallery of material is included with your membership.

What’s our take on Dancing Bear? The site will interest you because it does have some great CFNM party action inside. The goodness of the site lies in its material but they haven’t added a ton of that as yet. There are areas they should look at to make the site more appealing. This is however a site worth looking into for those who like this kind of CFNM-sex-party-niche-porn, so check them out!