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Hegre Art comes from the ever-creative Petter Hegre. Those who do not know this photographer need not worry about his credentials; it’s long and solid as a mountain! He has always found a way to make the erotic photographs that he makes become so high quality and full of intensity and color. When he has the camera lens, there seems to be no limit to the amount of sensuality that he can produce. The treats inside his official site are also very good and they are the reason why we are all gathered here today! First of all, the kind of gals that this site spreads across its galleries are normally young gals, sexual, beautiful, between 18 to 25 years of age.

This site relies heavily on producing high quality pictorials that you can enjoy. That is the reason why they have 165, 309 images inside the galleries. They have films as well some 381 movies. The number of models they have worked with is 191 models. You will be able to download all the images you crave when you use the zip file that they give you. Their pictures are just ridiculous quality. Where else can you find images with 8000 pixel resolution clarity huh? They give you wmv/QuickTime/iPod/divx/flv formats for the videos. The videos aren’t as many as the pictures, but you do get to have HD quality. As the weeks pass, the content count inside this site is going to rise for the videos, and every day they add more images so you are always going to have more!

There are lots of things you will forget to do once you become a member to this site. That is because all your free time will be spent inside this site. Your mind will constantly wander and you will always want to come back and have just a little more. That is how addictive and high quality the material inside is. The range of material that they have collected is also improving day by day. The kind of material they have always produced is high erotica action. They do have gal-gal stuff inside, plus some massage action, some slight orgasm, and solo play. The locations that are in the backdrop of the images are always complementary, helping to bring the erotic beauty of the gals out in crystal clear images. Petter does his job like a pro, you don’t have to worry about that!

Having been involved in this line of work for close to a decade now, Petter has been able to design his site and make it as modern and stylish as possible. The technical information for the images and the videos is frequently supplied. You have viewing/ downloading options. The organization of the babes and content inside is professionally handled. You get to have complete site that you can navigate with relative ease.

Do you simply want regular Softcore action, or maybe it’s time to change up things? Maybe it’s time to check out Hegre Art! It time to give Petter control and let him amaze your eyes with the incendiary kind of erotica that he produces.