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Nutabu introduction is great because it chronicles the true life of Vincent, the guy running the site. As a student he liked sex, was introduced to filming and porn, he was immediately hooked on the idea. It grew on him, he gathered skills, he traveled, and he filmed it all! You can call this site his personal museum, where, after you pay entry fee, you get hundreds of pictures and movies. His preference is erotic gorgeous women, which is the general preference for many porn fans around the world! The experience from this site is up-close and very personal.

The nickname that this guy fashions for himself is -the sex traveler. His journeys mostly take him around the cities of this world where beautiful ladies can be found in plenty. With deep passion to get into mischief with the young babes, but also the presence of a solid skill set for filming, the content created becomes transfixing good! He insists that the use of the best equipment is truly important so that the beauty of the sex can be relayed to the watcher in perfect clarity. The material he has is also glamcore and full of style/chic.

You can find updates easily inside with the option to sort them by latest, most liked, featured, and the search box is there also if you need it. They have mobile friendly format for mobile device users. Updates come with information like time, date, and a sticker to tell you that its 1080-p high def movie. You are getting into a site where they have several pages of updates you can check out. You will be saving pic/videos easily with formats and zip file provided. They could add a bit more features like tags, keywords, to increase the efficiency of the searching/sorting layout of the site.

When you play the videos, you get to use the online player that they provide. You get different levels of sizes for the images from as low as 800 pixel res to high as 5000 pixel res. Each set is savable, they give you options so that you can enjoy. You get to have trailers to see, full length, or clip parts, whichever option works best for you.

This is a stand-alone site with no bonus networks/sites included with membership. Another thing is the updates schedule is totally up to the site cause they are very irregular with that. One suggestion we can make is for the site to add more interactive things like blog, or behind scene stuff just to make it more engaging. Despite small things that feel awkward and off, the overall site is still very interesting. You get boy-gal, lesbian, hardcore erotic journeys and porn that will brighten your days. Our conclusion about the Nutabu discount is that you should contact them and get to have lots of fun in superior quality productions.