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Reality Kings combines some 35 something sites together, gives them the best produced reality hardcore themes and productions, sets them free and watches as hundreds and thousands of porn fans come running, crawling, creaming, moaning and laughing, begging for a membership! In other words, this network has been pulling massive crowds since they came out, even now, as they bring more reality goodness of hardcore passions and pornstars! Wow! We love this network!

As the years passed like the sands through the hourglass, so has the network aged and perfected their brand of pornography! They have updated and upgraded some features, added new niche sites, more exclusive material, and now, they are truly royalty in the adult entertainment industry! Is there a theme, a hardcore genre that these “royalties of porn” will not touch? Such a silly question, because these guys do it all, in style! They have hardcore niches, anal, cocks, boobs, milfs, teens, fantasy, reality, themed, sex and more sex with so many stars and models and amateurs, it’s going to make your balls spin! They balance all their action to make sure that it’s appealing, fun, entertaining, hardcore, and very well produced!

The numbers just in say that this network now has collected more than 8200 scenes and just about the same number of pics galleries. They have impressively grown and made sure that members have more material than they could ever finish if they started watching continuously for a whole month! The impressiveness of the amount of material that they have is only thwarted by the impressiveness of the kind of quality that you will see inside. This means they have hundreds of HD and high res movies and pics respectively. That means, the scenes can range 720p or 1080p HD resolutions. That means the pics are gorgeous, adding more desire, color, and life into the network, making you reach that climax you crave more easily, more frequently!

All the above advantages are nothing if you cannot move around the network freely right? That is why there is a great navigational layout. This enables browsing, searching, and finding of models, series, niches, and sites. You get to have tools that do all the heavy work for you so that all you have to do is click and play and cum! You will see various video options inside. You can stream and download. Older material falls a bit in quality, understandable really! You have zip files, daily updates, and the ever-creative productions keeping you horny all the time inside this network.

Reality Kings is a big boss in the porn industry! The reputation they have is backed by the material they offer. We can say no more, only that if you want some of the best HQ reality hardcore porn, this be the network you need to see!