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We live by the philosophy of living life by the moment. Or so this should be the most ideal thought we need to entrench not only in mind, but as well in heart. But, it’s always hard to live by an ideal philosophy because as human beings, we end up going by the ideal only in our thoughts rather than in the actual manifestation. But, we give thanks to the photographers of the world who continue to remind us how every moment counts. And as far as pornography goes, there’s no better way of presenting it than through the excellence of Viv Thomas.

Who is Viv Thomas?

Thomas is a renowned photographer, particularly in the art of nudity. He goes by the saying that there is a grander beauty in the boldness of the human being — there is no better way to show it than through the physical actuation. Viv now is one of the greatest porn sites that you’ll come upon in your modern virtual nude entertainment. It has received several awards from the years of AVN that had come and as everyone would expect, it will continue receiving accolades for its excellence. Viv, by the way, is a guy and in one of his contributions, he is the actor fucking Kelly Divine. Amazingly enough, he was the one who set up the whole thing, but everything was captured to perfection. That tells a lot about the site — its pure grandiosity.

Viv Thomas has over 1,280 high definition videos and it updates its video database with 3 to 5 new contents every month, you will have a growing database of porn material reserves. There are over 1,500 picture sets, which you can easily check out through the user friendly interface and its obviously right from the home screen. As far as specializations go, Thomas has the real value for your $8.33 a month.